How I Became…Pt.1

How I became the person that I am today.

I’ve started my own business with my college friend back in 2012. It was a sustainable/charitable business where we collected gently used hijabs and resold them at lower costs, and donated a portion of the money we made to charity. Honestly this was a wonderful idea, the sisters in the community LOVED it as they wanted to give their hijabs back to fellow hijabis (rather than goodwill), and my fellow environmentalists loved the sustainability of it.

Everything was going great, but as young and naive we were, this business did not last as we weren’t making much profit and had bills to pay. So my college friend and I slowly drifted away in our full time jobs. Two years past and I found myself itching to give back to the community as I did once before.

I , with the help of a few sisters, started a sisterhood group at my neighborhood mosque. We would organize weekly gatherings/activities and I was in charge of designing the flyers (yay!). Then a friend and I start our all girls youth group where we had 15-30 young girls from the ages of 5-15. I was having a blast and I was doing a little bit of freelancing here and there. But again I had bills to pay.

So in 2015 I picked up a nonprofit position. I learned a lot, but a year in, I realized this job wasn’t for me. 

Published by Hagar

Graphic Designer & Photographer

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