Hagar Diab

Graphic Designer and Entrepreneur

Hi, I’m Hagar and I’m a Graphic Designer and Entrepreneur specializing in: Traditional & Contemporary Designs, Polygonal Art, Photography, Writing, and Teaching.

I hold a Bachelor of Science in Design with a major in Industrial Design from The Ohio State University, a Teaching Certification from Ohio Department of Education, as well as TESOL/TESL/TEFL Certification from Oxford Seminars. I have nine years of professional design experience and I’ve been volunteering/teaching (primarily Islamic Studies) for about 13 years. I’ve been honored to work with students from early elementary to high school age in formal and non-formal teaching settings.

Besides my passion for teaching and graphic design, I also pursue freelance photography. Please see below for more details.

Design Specializations
  • Logo & Identity Design
  • Print Design
  • Traditional & Contemporary Designs
Teaching Specializations
  • Elementary to High School
  • Islamic Studies
  • Formal & Non-Formal Teaching Setting
Photography Specializations
  • Portraits
  • Product Photography
  • Small Events
  • Nature/Landscape